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BWaste is the market leader in the domain of service and maintenance, including the cleaning of underground containers. We have six modern cleaning trucks which are operated by trained staff. They can independently perform TÜV audits. This ensures the reliability of the equipment, as well as the safety of our employees.


The interior of the disposal columns, the pedestrian platform and the container are cleaned with water at a temperature of 80°C, using a high-pressure system. This ensures that all bacteria, bugs and microbes in and around the container are extinguished and reduces possible odours. We also clean the top and the bottom of the concrete well, and any residual water or waste in the well is removed.

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The Total Cost of Ownership model includes full maintenance and cleaning at a fixed fee per container per month. Clients can opt to perform certain maintenance and/or cleaning work themselves, or leave all activities to us.

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Ground radar

Waste collection in underground containers is steadily increasing. Whether installation in a particular location is possible, depends on the underground infrastructure (such as the presence of cables and ducts). Ground radar analysis enables accurate mapping of the precise locations to a depth of approx. 2 metres (6 feet), and shows any infrastructural elements present in the planned container locations.

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