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BWaste offers a wide range of waste collection systems

But naturally there will always be specific requirements that cannot be met with a standardised product. For instance, you may need a column design that is characteristic of your city. BWaste will be more than happy to listen to your specific requirements and will do whatever it can to meet your demands in the domain of waste collection.

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Underground container

Our high-quality underground  waste disposal containers are a sustainable solution, ideally suited for combating litter, smell, seagulls and vermin. The sleek design of the waste disposal columns blends in with the street scene.

Ondergrondse container Ondergrondse container Ondergrondse container Ondergrondse container

Semi-underground container

The Semi-underground container is a half sunken waste container whose storage capacity is situated partly underground and partly above ground. It is a high-quality alternative for sites that only allow small amounts of excavation. This semi-underground waste disposal container is easy to install.


Semi-ondergrondsecontainers Semi-ondergrondsecontainers

Above-ground containers

The steel sheeting of this modular above-ground  waste disposal container with a storage capacity of more than 3.5m³ is exchangeable. The advantage of this modular solution is that there is no need to replace the entire container in the event of damage. An additional advantage is that the fraction can be easily replaced. This customisation allows you to create an appealing civic amenity site with a minimum of effort and resources.

Bovengrondse container Bovengrondse container Bovengrondse container

 Organic waste containers

BWaste offers modern containers for collecting fruit, vegetable, and garden waste. Attractively designed columns usually involve mini-containers. A robust and modern solution that is ideally suited for the collection of organic waste of high-rise buildings.


Waste bins

Are you looking for ways to encourage your citizens to separate their waste? BWaste’s product portfolio is sure to offer the solution you need. Our range of waste bins can help influence the behaviour of your citizens. With our TrioFix, for example, waste is separated at the source, for a sustainable recycling process.

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Compactor containers

Underground compactor containers offer a highly efficient method for waste collection, collecting up to ten times more waste per location. This means a considerable reduction of the number of collections and, consequently, the number of traffic movements. This is one of the benefits that can be achieved with underground compactor containers.


Perscontainer Perscontainer

Self-compacting waste bin

The self-compacting waste bin is an innovative bin for use in public areas. The bin is fitted with a built-in compactor powered by solar energy. It is the result of a combination of innovative technology, implementation of client-specific properties, results of practical testing, and standards for a safe and healthy working environment. Use of this self-compacting waste bin and the route-optimisation software of BBF Holding subsidiary Route Management Solutions, enables significant savings on collection costs and reduces the carbon emissions of the entire collection process.

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